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Colloidal graphite

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colloidal graphite



Colloidal graphite powder has excellent Gao Runhua, high conductivity, high adsorption and catalytic performance, high plasticity. Colloidal graphite powder used as lead-acid battery plate, lithium battery anode and cathode conductive agent, nickel metal hydride, nickel cadmium battery, light battery, electric brush, rubber, plastic filler, anti-static, electromagnetic shielding, anti-corrosion coating, high temperature resistant lubricant base material, powder metallurgy, carbon material heating rod, conductive graphite rod, wireless electronic industrial carbon membrane resistance material, electrical contact alloy, high metal alloy raw materials etc..

The colloidal graphite powder has the properties of high quality natural flake graphite, and has special oxidation resistance at high temperature. Self lubrication and plasticity, at the same time has good conductivity, thermal conductivity and adhesion.


(1) release lubricant used as catalyst in chemical fertilizer industry.

(2) high temperature resistant lubricant base material, corrosion resistant lubricant base material.

(3) powder metallurgy mold release agent and metal alloy raw material, lubricant in cable production.

(4) for producing carbon film resistors, electrically conductive dry dies, and conductive coatings.

(5) to be used as filler or performance modifier for rubber, plastics and various composite materials to improve the wear resistance, compression resistance and conductivity of materials.

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