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Crystalline flake graphite

crystalline flake graphite



Varieties: high purity graphite, high carbon graphite, medium carbon graphite

Specifications: size 45um-500um (# 325- #32)

Performance: perfect flake crystallization, thin flake but excellent toughness, extraordinary physical and chemical performances, perfect electricity conductivity, thermal resistance and thermal shock resistance

Usefulness: The products can be widely used in metallurgy industry as superior refractory material and coating material, in military industry as stablizer, in light industry as pencil lead, in electrical industry as carbon brush, in battery industry as electrode, in chemical industry as catalyst and so on. Flake graphite can be turned into graphite emulsion, graphite sealing material and composite material, graphite products, graphite friction reducer and other high-tech products. Graphite has become an important nonmetallic mineral raw material.

Special Recommendation: The products +198, 898, -198 the Company produced through emulsifiable solution selection contain no acid and alkali and present neutral PH value, which can compare favorably with product 99 in carbon content

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