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Qingdao Tian Shengda Graphite Co., Ltd. produces flake graphite, expanded graphite, special graphite powder, carbon brush special graphite powder, friction material for graphite powder, colloidal graphite, copper cover agent, etc. Tel: 0532-85451658 / 85451666/18661910630

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Graphite Friction Materials

Graphite Friction Materials



Graphite powder exclusively used for friction material is processed specially by excellent natural squama graphite combined with features of friction and seal industry.

Specification: -100 item, carbon content 85%~95%

Performance: integrated squama crystal. Excellent physical and chemical capability and heat resistance and fine self-moulding.

Purpose: extensively used in friction and seal materials industry

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QINGDAO TIANSHENGDA GRAPHITE CO., LTD. Add:Xiaodiandong Village hetoudian town laixi city shandong china Tel:0532-85451658/85451666/18661910630 Fax:0532-85452618