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Graphite manufacturers tell you the main use of flake graphi


      The crystal of flake graphite is flaky, which is formed under the condition of high strength pressure. The maximum value of industrial scale graphite, graphite floatability, lubrication and plasticity are superior than other types of graphite, can be said to be one of the best ore floatability in nature, the main purpose of today Tiansheng Xiaobian for everyone to talk about graphite flake graphite:


Flake graphite can be made into lubricants and refractories.

Flake graphite can be used for making high temperature smelting crucible, the mechanical industrial lubricants, electrode and pencil; widely used in metallurgical industry of high-grade refractory materials and coatings, military industrial explosive materials stabilizer, light industry, electrical industry pencil brush, industrial battery electrode, catalyst in the chemical fertilizer industry.

Two, flake graphite can be processed into graphite milk, graphite products and other products.

Graphite through deep processing, and production of graphite, graphite sealing material and composite material, graphite products, graphite antifriction additives and other high-tech products, has become an important non-metallic mineral raw materials of various industrial departments.

Three, flake graphite can be used to replace copper material.

In 1960s, copper is widely used as electrode material, usage rate of about 90%, about graphite only 10%; in twenty-first Century, more and more users start as electrode materials, graphite in Europe, more than 90% electrode material is graphite. Copper, which was once the dominant electrode material, and graphite electrodes compared to its advantages almost disappeared.

These are mainly used in industrial scale graphite, graphite as Tiansheng to remind you that the flake graphite plays a vital role in the industrial development in many areas, many industries need flake graphite play a huge role, so the remarkable position of flake graphite. Production and processing of thirty years has been engaged in Tiansheng graphite flake graphite, high product quality, good service, hope to have sincere people to visit the factory to understand.

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