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The relationship between expanded graphite, graphite and gra


      The modern industrial application of graphite products depend, graphite products appear in more and more industrial materials, nano graphite, expanded graphite and graphene is widely applied, these materials have their own characteristics, according to the different characteristics of different industries suitable for themselves, today Xiaobian of Tiansheng graphite for everyone to talk about the relationship of expanded graphite and nano graphite, Shi Moxi:


First, the expansion of graphite is mainly used to make products in a variety of industry applications, used to conduct electricity, heat, etc..

Expanded graphite is a graphite after processing, and add other ingredients, and then through a special processing of graphite products, mainly used in electronics, chemical and other industries.

Two, nano graphite is not the same, its application is mainly used for a wide range of the original application, not many products.

Graphite graphite is a special machine processing, graphite is very small particles, can be used in automotive and other industries, its application is also very extensive.

Three, graphene is a single layer of nano materials, expanded graphite can be used as raw material for the production of graphene.

Graphene and the expansion of graphite is not the same, when you expand the exfoliated graphite into a single piece of graphene turned into a few layers of graphene is a layer of less than a dozen layers to about 30 layers of graphene nanosheets. Graphene is a single layer of graphite in principle, but in fact, it is not a single layer is defined as graphene. In the field of scientific research, there is a single layer of graphene research, but also a double layer of graphene research, but also on the study of multilayer graphene, of course, usually under 10 layers of graphene. Graphite sheet that is a lot of layers of graphite. The thickness of the monolayer graphene is about 0.335nm, so even if the 100 layer is also a nanometer level.

Nano graphite, expanded graphite and graphene three are inextricably linked, although different characteristics, different representations, but they are representative of the application of modern products of graphite, play a huge role in industry. The day of graphite over the years has been adhering to the first-class products, first-class service business philosophy, to provide high quality, high requirements of the graphite products for customers, walking in the forefront of the graphite industry, hope a person with breadth of vision to visit our factory.

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