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What are the applications of graphite powder in coated sand


Refers to the surface of the sand in front of the modelling of precoated sand is covered with a layer of solid resin membrane sand and core sand, precoated sand preparation in production process, the need to use graphite powder, this is the use of precoated sand graphite powder, natural quartz sand coated sand was used as the original sand, thermoplastic phenolic resin, methenamine and coated sand with graphite powder, such as strengthening agent of raw materials processed, with the effect of graphite powder of precoated sand is to be able to prevent during use of precoated sand shell phenomenon. Today I will explain it to you in detail:


With graphite powder of precoated sand is used as the lubricant in coated sand, resin coated sand with graphite powder coated sand can play a role lubrication, high temperature resistant, etc, to the requirement of coated sand with graphite powder, is required as a lubricant to the lubrication performance is good, high melting point, and the use of precoated sand graphite powder is USES the natural flake graphite with good lubricity, and after purification process, improve the carbon content, the graphite powder has high melting point, again after processing the production technology, use of precoated sand graphite powder of high temperature resistant degree is higher, the lubrication effect will be better.

The role of the coated sand with graphite powder is to prevent caking, and improve the liquidity of precoated sand and demoulding, coated sand with graphite powder can not only improve the lubricity and wearability of precoated sand, also can improve its resistance to high temperature performance, etc., through natural quartz sand, thermoplastic phenol resin, precoated sand with materials such as graphite powder, after precoated sand made of laminating process, use of precoated sand can be used in the production of automobile cylinder block, cylinder head, intake manifold, all kinds of pipe fittings, pump body and so on all kinds of complicated castings.

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