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Specific application of expanded graphite in static seal


Expanded graphite is widely used in static seals. Expanded graphite is mainly processed into gaskets for use in static seals. Today, I will explain in detail the specific use of expanded graphite in static seals:



The types and application range of expanded graphite gaskets are as follows:

1. With skeleton expanded graphite gasket, the use temperature is -204 to 800 degrees.

2. Expanded graphite wound gasket, using temperature -200 to 1000 degrees.

3, pure expanded graphite gasket, use temperature -204 to 1650 degrees.

4, pure expanded graphite soft belt (gasket), service temperature -204 to 1650 degrees.

Tianshengda Graphite Co.,Ltd reminds you that expanded graphite gasket can be used for sealing high temperature and high pressure gas, oil, water gas, hydrogen and other occasions. At present, China has been used in the temperature of 339 degrees, pressure of 15.4MPa hydrogen seal. Abroad has also been used in 410 degrees, 19.4MPa heat exchanger. Sealing water gas is also very good. In practice, there is no strict boundary between the application of liquid and gas.


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