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What are the advantages of flake graphite


The natural graphite can be divided into crystalline graphite and cryptocrystalline graphite. Crystalline graphite can be divided into flake graphite and compact graphite. China's industrial crystalline graphite is mostly used in the use of flake graphite, flake graphite industrial value, compact graphite resources are few, little industrial value. Cryptocrystalline graphite is soil-like, so also called soil-like graphite. What are the advantages and industrial value of flake graphite? Today I would like to give you a detailed explanation:


Flake graphite and earthy graphite are both natural graphite resources . However, flake graphite has more advantages and industrial value than earthy graphite. Flake graphite is flake crystalline graphite and soil-shaped graphite is soil-shaped cryptocrystalline graphite, soil-like graphite has poor lubrication performance. The biggest advantage of flake graphite is its superior lubrication performance. In terms of industrial applications and applications, flake graphite is more widely used and applied than soil-like graphite. Flake graphite can be crushed into flake graphite powder products. Qingdao Tianshengda graphite Co., LTD is located in the hometown of natural flake graphite, flake graphite is rich in resources, and the industrial value of flake graphite is higher, flake graphite is the best application of graphite types.

Many kinds of graphite are used in industrial production. Both flake and earthy graphite are further processed to produce different types of graphite powder. Flake graphite powder, super fine graphite powder, nano graphite powder and high purity graphite powder processed by flake graphite are used in different industrial fields. Different kinds of graphite powder products have promoted the development of industry.



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