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The principle and advantage of expanded graphite as flame re



   Expanded graphite in recent years, the demand is very large, from the expansion of graphite in the industrial use of many places. Expanded graphite as a flame retardant good, rooted in various fields of industry, expanded graphite as flame retardant principle is what, what are the advantages of today, Tiansheng Xiaobian graphite briefly:

   Expanded graphite is a good flame retardant of plastic material, which has the characteristics of no halogen, no toxicity, no pollution and so on. Its principle is: in the high temperature, the rapid expansion of expanded graphite, choking flame, and the formation of the graphite expanded material covered on the substrate surface, cut off the heat radiation and oxygen contact; the inside of the interlayer acid released during expansion, but also promote the carbon substrate, so as to achieve a good effect by various flame retardant methods.

   When the same flame retardant effect is reached, the amount of expanded graphite is much smaller than that of common flame retardant. And the chemical properties of expanded graphite is stable, no side effects. At present, the expanded graphite has been used in many fields, such as flame retardant polyurethane, flame retardant polyolefin, flame retardant rubber, flame retardant polyolefin plastics, flame retardant carbonate oligomer, flame retardant asphalt and flame retardant cable.

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